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Hotel Express Aeroporto

The Hotel Express Aeroporto offers a great cost-effective option in hotel services in the city of Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul. The hotel is located 1 km from Salgado Filho International Airport, offers free airport-hotel-airport transfers, making it a great choice for business and leisure travelers. The hotel amenities include complimentary breakfast,

Hotel Express Rodoviária

Opened in 2014, the hotel is located in front of the Porto Alegre Bus Station and is well suited for those who need to move around the city easily. It is close to all means of public transport. Among its advantages are complimentary breakfast, restaurant for lunch and dinner, 24h room service, free internet access,

Hotel Express Savoy

One of the most recent acquisitions of Grupo Suárez, the Hotel Express Savoy is in the process of modernization. Located in the Historic Center of Porto Alegre, next to Avenida Borges de Medeiros. The Express Savoy stands out today as the best option to access the most important points of the city. Av. Borges de

Hotel Express Centro Histórico

The Hotel Express Centro Historico was inaugurated in August 2016, is located 1 km from the Porto Alegre Public Market, Rio Grande do Sul Arts Museum and the Centro Cultural Santander. Other sights in the Historic Center are very close, making it easy for visitors interested in museums and culture. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast,

Hotel Express São Leopoldo

Hotel Express São Leopoldo is located next to the traditional Hotel Suárez São Leopoldo, in the heart of the city, where everything happens. It offers the easy transportation to other districts of the city and also to other cities near the capital Porto Alegre. The city of São Leopoldo has an important industrial center and

Hotel Express Confort

Hotel Express Confort is located at Av Independencia, 654, on the main avenue of the city of São Leopoldo. Along Av Independencia, many bars, restaurants and shops move the city in a dynamic and lively atmosphere. The Hotel also offers easy access to transportation points, speeding up travel to other cities in the metropolitan network.

Hotel Express Terminal Tur

This traditional Porto Alegre hotel is being completely refurbished and modernized. It is located opposite Porto Alegre Bus Station and is 6 km away from Salgado Filho International Airport. It is well suited for those who need to move easily around the city, as it is close to all means of public transport. Among its

Hotel Express Canoas

Hotel Express Canoas is located next to the Canoas Bus Station and in front of Praça do Avião, an important tourist point and landmark in the city. The Hotel was inaugurated in August 2009. It offers easy access to the city’s districts and other nearby cities such as Porto Alegre, São Leopoldo and Novo Hamburgo.

Hotel Express Mauá

Located in downtown Porto Alegre, the economic and social heart of the city, Hotel Express Mauá offers easy access to public transportation in the city, besides being able to walk to several tourist attractions such as Public Market, Rio Grande Arts Museum The South, Santander Cultural Center, among others. Its structure offers complimentary breakfast, restaurant

Hotel Expressinho

Opened in 2007, Hotel Expressinho offers its guests a proposal of economy and express comfort. Located next to the Express Airport Hotel in Porto Alegre, Expressinho guests share a good part of the infrastructure of this Hotel, at a more economical rate. The hotel is located 1 km from Salgado Filho International Airport, offers free